Buddha and Steph

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for today!  I appreciate and am grateful for the effort and energy you put into the physical space of your office...I noticed all of the details... I also felt the energy in the non-physical.  I’m pretty sensitive to energy and your office has amazing energy...the best energy of any vet’s office I’ve ever been to (and, I’ve been to a…...Read More

Sue and Gracey

Gracey developed an eye issue in May of this year. After not responding to treatment by my local veterinarian, I was referred to an ophthalmology veterinarian on June 6th. It was determined on that date that Gracey didn’t have an eye issue, she had a cancer issue I was referred to Dr. Pope and met with her the next day after leaving Gracey at the hospital for testing. Dr. Pope…...Read More

Rovena, Alexander and Michael

I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to Dr. Pope for her knowledge, dedication and warmth that graciously comforts her patients and their parents. When I originally met Dr. Pope, my 13-1/2 yr. old Yorkie had been diagnosed with the beginning stages of renal disease and bladder cancer. The original doctors were not painting a pretty picture for me. I did not want to put Alexander…...Read More

Colleen and Tinkerbelle

I would like to thank Dr. Pope for the care and concern she has shown our precious sheltie, Tinkerbelle, and wish her the very best in her new endeavor. We are facing a terminal illness of which Tinkerbelle has been fighting for the past two years, along with major kidney issues, which was hampering the treatment necessary for her cancer. When I met Dr. Pope for the first time she…...Read More

Rachel and Cooper

We came to Dr. Pope in a state of turmoil. Our dog and best buddy, Cooper, had been paralyzed 3 weeks earlier due to IVDD and a slipped disc.  Feeling rather hopeless back then, Dr. Pope was truly inspirational not only for Cooper’s physical recovery but our mental outlook.  She put us on an integrated routine of electroacupuncture, herbal supplements and nutritional support.  While the road was long every week…...Read More

Debbie and Bear

I cannot say enough about the care Dr. Pope has given my furkids.  I was introduced to her when Bear went into remission for rib osteosarcoma.  I wholeheartedly believe that he would not be here today without her care.  Recently, Dr. Pope has started to treat my other dog who has autoimmune issues.  I cannot say enough about her compassion, guidance and support.  Dr. Pope rocks! Debbie and Bear...Read More

Lisa and Gibbs

We cannot thank Dr. Pope enough for helping to save our Lab, Gibbs. There is no doubt in our minds that if we had received treatment anywhere else, he would not be with us today. Gibbs was diagnosed in June 2016 with Chronic Leukemia. His condition declined rapidly. Dr . Pope used her knowledge of herbs, tinctures, oils, nutrition and acupuncture to help Gibbs thrive over this past year. She just…...Read More

Debbie and Danika

We met Dr. Pope 2 years ago when we invited her to speak at our dog club meeting.  Since then we have referred many patients to her for a variety of reasons.  This past year I brought my 14.5-year-old Golden to her for an Integrative medicine consult, acupuncture and Oncology.  My own dog had experienced chronic anemia for the past year with no known cause.  Dr. Pope initiated acupuncture treatment…...Read More