I would like to thank Dr. Pope for the care and concern she has shown our precious sheltie, Tinkerbelle, and wish her the very best in her new endeavor. We are facing a terminal illness of which Tinkerbelle has been fighting for the past two years, along with major kidney issues, which was hampering the treatment necessary for her cancer.

When I met Dr. Pope for the first time she was a part of the wonderful staff at RBVH. I had an immediate feeling of comfort and a renewed confidence that this battle stood a chance and she would be guiding us through this very difficult time. I chose Dr. Pope because I wanted to address Tinkerbelle’s issues from a holistic approach, along with any conventional treatment that was also necessary. There were instances when I didn’t believe Tinkerbelle was going to make it, but Dr. Pope was right there fighting the fight along with us. And Tinkerbelle is here today because of Dr. Pope.

We are continuing Tinkerbelle’s treatment for several issues through acupuncture and some alternatives Dr. Pope will provide and Reiki treatments administered by her wonderful assistant, Alyssa. I believe Tinkerbelle is beginning to enjoy these treatments!

Whatever Tinkerbelle’s future holds, I am certain we will be able to face her adversities knowing Dr. Pope is there right along with us. Her love for animals is evident in everything she does!

Our family is so grateful!
Colleen and Tinkerbelle