I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for today!

I appreciate and am grateful for the effort and energy you put into the physical space of your office…I noticed all of the details… I also felt the energy in the non-physical.  I’m pretty sensitive to energy and your office has amazing energy…the best energy of any vet’s office I’ve ever been to (and, I’ve been to a lot).

I also appreciate your presence, your kindness and your intention. I believe that being present is one of, if not the best you can offer someone…thank you for giving that gift to us today and for being so attuned to our needs.

I imagine the work you do is often very rewarding, but at times extremely difficult.

Thank you for creating such a special environment for all of your patients and their families. Just being in that energy field fosters some healing.

Buddha and I are looking forward to working with you.

Thank you again. I look forward to talking with you next week!

In gratitude and warmth,
Buddha and Steph