I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to Dr. Pope for her knowledge, dedication and warmth that graciously comforts her patients and their parents. When I originally met Dr. Pope, my 13-1/2 yr. old Yorkie had been diagnosed with the beginning stages of renal disease and bladder cancer. The original doctors were not painting a pretty picture for me. I did not want to put Alexander through Chemo or other traditional procedures because they seem to destroy the good cells in order to get to the bad. Then I met Dr. Pope who spoke to me for at least an hour explaining what her plan was for Alexander. The first step was a 3-day infusion of Vitamin C. I can tell you that Alexander came out of each of those treatments prancing and feeling FANTASTIC! He is currently on several medications/herbal supplements and homemade food, also recommended by Dr. Pope. I am extremely happy, excited and thankful to say that Alexander’s tumor has shrunk to half the size and his kidneys are doing well. Alexander and his brother Michael just celebrated their 14th birthday this past Oct. 1st. To be honest, I didn’t know if I would have him…Thank the Lord and Dr. Pope for all that they do! Alexander is doing fantastic! I love the fact that Dr. Pope is so down-to-earth and takes her times with her patients! I would recommend Dr. Pope to anyone who needs and/or believes in Alternative Medicine.

Kind Regards,
Rovena, Alexander and Michael