Gracey developed an eye issue in May of this year. After not responding to treatment by my local veterinarian, I was referred to an ophthalmology veterinarian on June 6th. It was determined on that date that Gracey didn’t have an eye issue, she had a cancer issue

I was referred to Dr. Pope and met with her the next day after leaving Gracey at the hospital for testing. Dr. Pope gave me the results which indicated Gracey had lymphoma at the age of 13 months. I was devastated. Dr. Pope gave me the options for treatment and I decided to go with the holistic program to keep Gracey’s quality of life as full as possible. Thankfully, I was fortunate to have Dr. Pope who performed a miracle in her holistic treatment of this cancer. Gracey was prescribed several supplements and started Mistletoe Therapy immediately. Dr. Pope monitored her regularly and gave me the comfort of knowing I had subscribed to the best treatment for Gracey. Gracey was retested on August 9th and is in remission thanks to Dr. Pope. WhoooHaaa!!! Thank God for Dr. Pope…She is a miracle vet…I will be forever grateful for her caring treatment of my Gracey.

With sincere love…
Sue and Gracey