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Who is Dr. Kendra Pope?

As a board-certified veterinary oncologist, Dr. Pope knows the challenges pet owners face when their beloved companion is given a challenging diagnosis. Through the treatment of patients with difficult diseases, she is able to help owners navigate through diagnoses, symptoms and side effects of treatment. She is one of only a handful of veterinary oncologists in the United States also extensively trained in holistic modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and intravenous nutrient therapies, which provides her with additional tools to utilize towards the best possible outcome, and quality of life, for every patient.

Her philosophy combines the use of her conventional medical training with that of various integrative modalities to maximize the health, wellness, and quality of life of her patients. Through collaboration with coworkers, colleagues and experts in their field, Dr. Pope is passionate about improving the lives of both her patients, and their owners. While answering tough medical questions, through clinical research, Dr. Pope is committed to making a difference in the area of integrative veterinary medicine.

Outside of those diagnosed with oncologic disease, our practice routinely treats patients with other difficult or chronic conditions as well as those seeking maximal health and wellness. The same principles apply in the treatment of these patients, as we use additional tools in the toolbox to restore health, improve quality of life and enhance overall outcomes. Through added resources and distinct credentials, we are able to offer compassion and hope to every client and every patient.

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Holistic Care for Your Furry Friends

Pet owners trust Dr. Pope to look after the needs of their beloved companions. Her innovative and holistic approach delivers the highest standard of veterinary care and attention.

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